What Are These?

These are Augmented Reality T-shirts inspired by the old school Super Tecmo Bowl video game. Owners of the shirt can download the free Tecmotees app using the download buttons below, or by searching for Tecmotees in the appropriate app store. Use the app to point your phone's camera at your shirt to see it come to life using augmented reality. You will be able to touch the phone's screen in the area corresponding to the passing play or running play on the shirt you would like to see. The app will then run that play for a touchdown on your shirt! The app has a selfie view so you can run the plays for yourself while you are wearing the shirt as well as a third-person view so others can see the plays run on your shirt.


All Tecmotees shirt designs are inspired-by. AR/VR Dreams is not affiliated with and does not represent any other company, organization, or team.