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Hulu Investing Heavily Into VR

Hulu Investing Heavily Into VR

Hulu vr

February 19th, 2016

Add Hulu to the list of companies getting bullish on Virtual Reality. Ben Smith, Hulu’s Head of Experience recently told Variety they are “spending a lot of time on virtual reality.” The company has been working on an app for the Gear VR that was originally slated for last fall. It is now expected to be ready by this Spring. The app is reported to have different virtual environments to transport to where you can enjoy regular Hulu content. In addition to their normal 2-D offerings, the company is also working on VR content, including a short film titled “The Big One.”


Some of the delay in offering the app seems to come from the time they are investing in making sure the content is something people will want to use on a regular basis. Smith stated they are looking to see what works and what doesn’t work in attempts to create something people will want to do every day. Personally, I like this perspective as there are several VR experiences that are incredibly impressive as a first time experience but do not really have a lot of value in repeated experiences. At this point, you still see a lot of VR users seeking out new content after new content as explorers while the apps they like to use on a regular basis are still few and far between. This puts Hulu in a desirable category of content creators looking for quality instead of being another company testing the VR waters out of novelty.

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