Month: February 2016

February 26, 2016 Joe McGee 71 comments

Smash Hit Review Smash Hit was instantly one of my favorite Gear VR games! It is a cross-over app from a non-VR version of the same name, and the VR version is better. It is a simple gaze shooting game where you throw metal balls at different shaped glass objects that appear in your path….

February 24, 2016 Joe McGee 4 comments

How Will the Virtual Reality Industry Evolve? February 24th, 2016 “The VR Opportunity” was a forum at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona centered on how Virtual Reality will evolve in the marketplace. This is a topic I like to discuss, and I am in the camp that feels gaming will lead the…

February 19, 2016 Joe McGee 31 comments

Hulu Investing Heavily Into VR February 19th, 2016 Add Hulu to the list of companies getting bullish on Virtual Reality. Ben Smith, Hulu’s Head of Experience recently told Variety they are “spending a lot of time on virtual reality.” The company has been working on an app for the Gear VR that was originally slated…